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THE JOB with Mark Orchard

Age: 47

Role: President, Mark Orchard Real Estate

What is your job? After being made redundant in 2010 I decided to start my own business. Mark Orchard Real Estate Ltd (MORE) is a full service property and I do real estate sales, leasing, appraisal and property/facility management. Starting a new company in these difficult economic times has been a challenge but I am confident that by delivering high-quality services and by taking a professional approach to client needs, that I can grow my business base and be successful in the long run. I have just celebrated the one-year anniversary of MORE and I am very proud.

What is your favourite part? Because I am currently the only employee I am involved in all aspects of the business. I really enjoy the interpersonal relationships I develop when I am working with local and international clients who may be looking for new offices to rent, or helping Bermudian families buy a new home. It really is about problem solving, and helping people or business accomplish their goals.

What is your least favourite part? Accounting is something I am improving at every day. I am trying to be more disciplined about entering my journal entries and doing my electronic banking in a timely manner. It takes me away from my clients and the projects themselves but it has to be done!

What is your most interesting experience at work? The phone rang one day and it was a large New York based real estate company wanting to see if I could assist them with a global Fortune 500 client who had offices in Bermuda. It was then that I felt my marketing efforts through my website at

www.MORE.bm and my Facebook page were being seen and that people were paying attention. It was then that I knew that my new business might actually succeed!

What would you be doing otherwise? I'd like to say I would be retired and playing golf or fishing, but I think I would get bored after a while if I was not busy meeting and working with other interesting people throughout Bermuda. Maybe a career in communications, operations or marketing. But I am happy right where I am!

Mark Orchard