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Lightbourne replaces mentor Morfitt

New Boxing Commissioner Oscar Lightbourne and Craig Morfitt

Oscar Lightbourne became Bermuda’s third boxing commissioner in two years after taking over from Craig Morfitt yesterday.

The experienced boxing and internationally certified Shanshou referee said it is an honour to take the reins of the Bermuda Boxing Commission by his mentor Morfitt.

“I am flattered that he even asked me, which says how much he thinks of me and my credibility and integrity,” Lightbourne said. “I have to thank him for that. Craig has been a really great mentor for me.”

As Bermuda’s boxing commissioner, Lightbourne’s duties include sanctioning all professional bouts on island, explaining the rules, supervising weigh-ins, inspecting hand wrapping as well as supervising officials from ringside and tabulating scores to determine the winner.

“I’m definitely going to maintain the standard that is expected from the Bermuda Boxing Commission as the commissioner,” Lightbourne added.

Morfitt, who stepped down because of heavy travel commitments, served as the island’s boxing commissioner after the death of Bermuda Boxing Commission founder Vic Richmond in 2014.

“I retire at the end of June and will be travelling extensively thereafter,” Morfitt said.

“As a result, I won’t be consistently available to perform the role of commissioner, so it makes sense to hand over the reins.

“I have every confidence that Oscar can do the job. He’s definitely the guy for the role, there’s no question in my mind he’s the guy for the role.

“Oscar has the qualifications from the refereeing side, he’s got the integrity and the balance to approach it and try and be fair.”

Lightbourne served as acting boxing commissioner for Nikki Bascome’s professional welterweight bout with American Claudele Duprier at Bermuda College Gym in July last year.

Lightbourne initially did not sanction the bout after Duprier failed to make the weight at the official weigh-in.

Bascome weighed in at 145lbs while Duprier weighed in at 164.5lbs, three weight classes above his Bermudian opponent.

However, after a careful review of the matter, the Bermuda Boxing Commission reversed the decision which improved Bascome’s record to 3-0.

“Oscar and I have worked together the whole period that I have been doing it and he has already acted as commissioner when I was away,” Morfitt said. “It’s definitely a seamless transition.”