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Lambe outclasses Baltimore brawler

Fight Night: Andre Lambe (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Andre Lambe produced a classy performance in his unanimous points victory over Dorian Bostic in the main event of Fight Night on the Beach at Snorkel Park on Sunday.

Lambe was put under constant heat by the Baltimore brawler but was able to outmanoeuvre his less-refined opponent and rocked him with a big right hook in the final round.

In his haste to finish the job, Lambe slightly surrendered his composure and was docked a point for a headbutt as the bout degenerated into a wrestling match during the final seconds.

Still, it was an impressive showing from the 21-year-old who has often struggled against pressure fighters and emphasised his growing ring generalship by diffusing Bostic’s early bluster with his accurate jab.

Lambe dominated all three rounds of the light-welterweight bout, improving his amateur record to two wins and three defeats, and said he was taken aback by chants of “Dre, Dre, Dre” from the crowd as he closed in on his second successive victory.

“I didn’t know that many people knew me!,” Lambe said. “It just shows that people notice when you put the work in.”

The slick southpaw admits he became a little ragged as he tired but believes he can take plenty of confidence from defeating a bigger and more experienced opponent.

“I got excited in the last round when I rocked him and then got a bit wild,” said Lambe, whose maiden win came against Shane Melo, of the MAS Academy of Martial Arts in Ontario, in November last year.

“That was the first time I’ve ever rocked anybody and it was a new situation for me.

“I went to the body and then came over the top and he got hurt. If he hadn’t got hurt I would have just coasted the remainder of that round.

“I tried to go for the finish but couldn’t get it. I was kind of tired out.”

Bostic, whose record stands at six wins and four defeats, hoped to rough up Lambe and bombarded him with wild and inaccurate right hands as he looked to make the most of his power.

Lambe remained elusive, though, and gradually broke Bostic’s resolve with quick combinations, sticking to the game plan drawn up by his coaches at Forty Rego’s Gym in Warwick.

“I’ve dealt with pressure fighters three times and I’m not having that anymore,” said Lambe, a stablemate of Bermudian professional Nikki Bascome.

“I had to stick to my jab and put on a bit of aggression to keep him off as he’s bigger than me.

“The game plan came through and I knew I was a lot faster than him.”

Bostic, 24, was adamant that the bout was closer than the scorecards suggested and believes he finished the stronger.

“Andre has great reflexes and is quick but that’s about it,” Bostic said. “I was coming on strong and he was gassing and holding onto the ropes. He got tired and started doing some illegal stuff with the headbutt.

“I knew he was quick and that’s why I was throwing powerful punches as I was trying to knock him out. I knew his will would break eventually. I’m appreciative to be here in Bermuda and I’d love a rematch with Andre.”

Bostic’s coach, Jake “The Snake” Smith accused Lambe of “running too much” and was confident his boxer would “whoop that guy’s butt” in a rematch.

“I thought [Bostic] needed to settle down a bit more and was throwing too many wild rights,” said the Boxing Hall of Fame member.

“We wanted him to throw straight right hands and come back with the left a bit more.

“My fighter’s performance needed to step up a little and we’re going to get him a little bit busier.”

Smith, the owner of Baltimore Boxing Club, said Lambe had plenty of potential and hoped to build on the relationship between his gym and the Bermuda Boxing Federation.

“Andre is a nice little fighter and throws some good combinations. He likes to run a bit too much but you can see he will be a nice skilful fighter one day.”

“I have a whole ton of fighters who would be dying to come down here.”