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Trump’s Bermuda company

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Full disclosure: entry number 30 on Donald Trump's financial interests declaration to the US Federal Election Commission reveals the Bermuda company he owns

Donald Trump’s sprawling business empire includes a company based in Bermuda.

The US President-elect owns D.J. Aerospace (Bermuda) Ltd, according to the 104-page submission to the Federal Election Commission in which he listed his financial interests.

In the document Mr Trump described himself as president and director of the company, which was incorporated on February 11, 1994, according to the Registrar of Companies.

The Republican has strongly criticised American companies that site operations and subsidiaries outside the US, both during the campaign and since the November 8 election, in which he defeated Hillary Clinton, his Democratic Party rival.

Media outlets including CNN and the New York Times have previously reported Mr Trump has a business interest on the island without specifying its nature.

The name of the company suggests it may have been linked to a Bermuda-registered jet that Mr Trump used to own. That plane was a Boeing 727 that was built in 1968 and which had previously been flown as a commercial passenger aircraft by American Airlines.

The luxury jet, which has a bedroom and 23 seats, was sold to Weststar Aviation Services, a charter company which operates mainly in South East Asia.

It seems he had the plane until at least March 2011, when Mr Trump was said to be mulling a bid for president in the 2012 election. At that time the US political news website Politico noted: “The news that Donald Trump is headed to New Hampshire reminds me of yet another mark of the lack of seriousness in his presidential ambitions, noted by a reader who happened to note the tail number of the signature Trump jet that parked in Des Moines not long ago.

“The tail number begins ‘VP-B’, a code indicating Bermuda registration — which may be useful for tax and regulatory purposes, but probably isn’t a great vehicle for an American candidate.”

It is not clear whether the company is still active.

High flyer: the Bermuda-registered Boeing 727 formerly owned by Donald Trump
Opulent living: the 727 formerly owned by Donald Trump features this bedroom, as shown on the website of its current owner, Weststar Aviation Services