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Officer claims that alleged gunman is a gang member

Accused: Quincy Brangman.

Accused gunman Quincy Brangman is a member of the Money Over B**ches gang, according to a Police expert.Sergeant Alexander Rollin of the Gang Targeting Unit told Mr Brangman's trial the group, nicknamed MOB, operates from the Somerset Bridge area and west.“MOB are known to be involved in criminal acts which will encompass acts of violence as well as weapons offences. I would be talking about bladed articles and firearms,” he explained.Mr Brangman, 32, is accused of shooting Ireland Rangers footballer Nathan Darrell at close range as he sat in a car outside his home on Kitchener Close, Sandys, around 2.15am on February 13.Mr Darrell, 23, suffered gunshot wounds to his neck, chest and thigh. He told the jury last week that he recognised Mr Brangman as the man who opened fire.He said he and Mr Brangman are engaged in “warfare” and “I am the enemy”.He could not explain the nature of the warfare, but said he's the kind of man who steps on people's toes while defending “what's right”.Mr Darrell admitted carrying a gun himself around the time of the incident, but not on the night he was shot.He told the jury he may have been targeted because “word on the street” was he shot at the house of Ashley Wellman, Mr Brangman's cousin.The jury heard yesterday from prosecutor Maria Sofianos that that incident occurred on New Year's Day 2010 at a residence in Cook's Hill Road, Sandys. Mr Brangman and Mr Wellman both living there at the time.“The case remains open,” said Ms Sofianos.Sgt Rollin named Mr Wellman as another member of MOB, describing him as “higher up in the gang” then Mr Brangman.He explained MOB members are “like family” and “watch each other's backs,” seeking revenge on those who act against their members [see separate story].The trial heard that Mr Wellman was remanded into custody on January 11 but released from prison on bail on February 12.Cross examining Mr Darrell last week, defence lawyer Charles Richardson suggested he may have been mistaken about the identity of the shooter, and was not aware Mr Wellman was out of prison at the time.Mr Darrell insisted Mr Brangman was the culprit.The court heard on Friday from gun expert Dennis McGuire that crime scene analysis linked the same firearm to the Kitchener Close shooting and two other incidents.Ms Sofianos explained yesterday that the other shootings were at the Royal Artillery Association Club in St George's on April 4, where Shawn Williams was the victim, and on Sound View Road in Sandys on July 10, when Jahcai Morris was the victim.The jury also heard from gunshot residue analyst Alfred (AJ) Schwoeble who tested a military-style face mask and pair of gloves seized by investigators in the Kitchener Close case.The items were found by detectives in a hotel room at the Cambridge Beaches resort in Sandys. Prosecutors allege the room was shared by Mr Brangman and his girlfriend on the night of the shooting.Mr Schwoeble found two particles of gunshot residue on the face mask and five on the left handed glove. He said the results showed a “low level” of residue on the mask and a “moderate level” on the glove.The trial has heard the shooting occurred on a cold rainy night with high winds. Mr Schwoeble explained gunshot residue particles are emitted when a gun is fired, but wind and rain can cause them to disperse rather than landing on nearby persons and objects.The trial heard from DNA expert Candy Zuleger on Friday that Mr Brangman's DNA was found on the same left handed glove.Mr Brangman denies attempted murder and using a firearm to commit an indictable offence, and the case continues.