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Attempted murder trial nears conclusion

The trial of two men accused of attempted murder approached its conclusion yesterday, with lawyers making their closing speeches.

Stacey Robinson and Sheldon Baker have both denied charges of attempting to kill Lionel Thomas Jr, who was shot twice in an incident on April 30 last year. A third defendant, Roshuntae Davis, has denied charges of helping Shannon Dill, who previously admitted involvement in the shooting, in the aftermath of the incident. During the Supreme Court trial, Mr Thomas said in the early hours of April 30, he confronted a group of three men near his home in St David’s and was shot.

A friend, who cannot be identified because of legal reasons, meanwhile testified to hearing gunshots and seeing three men leave the area.

While she said the first moved quickly down a hill on foot, the other two stopped by a nearby parked car and were heard to “mess with” the handle before walking in the same direction as the first men.

Another witness, Female B, testified that she was woken in the early hours by Dill, who asked to borrow her motorcycle saying Mr Robinson was in trouble. She later went searching for Mr Robinson and found him with Dill, Ms Davis and Mr Baker at a St David’s park.

She told the court that the group went back to her house, where Dill asked Ms Davis to collect his car for him. She and her sister went with Ms Davis to collect the car, but abandoned the effort after they were confronted by a man on a motorcycle whom she believed had “beef” with Mr Robinson. Police arrested Dill the next morning when he came to the scene asking about his car, which Police found near the scene with its doors locked, licence plates in the back seat and keys in the ignition.

Prosecutors alleged that Mr Robinson and Mr Baker were both involved in the shooting itself, while Ms Davis helped Dill by attempting to remove his car from the scene.

While they said that Mr Robinson had contacted Ms Davis at about 2.40am, urging her to come to St David’s, Mr Robinson told the court that Dill had borrowed his phone earlier that morning and Ms Davis said she learnt about the shooting only after Dill had been arrested. Defence lawyer Marc Daniels told the court that the Crown had failed to prove its case against his client, Mr Baker, and that the evidence was insufficient to prove his involvement.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth Christopher, representing both Mr Robinson and Ms Davis, said there was nothing to suggest that either of her clients knew what Dill had involved them in and that prosecutors were inviting the jury to speculate.

The matter is expected to go to the jury for a verdict as soon as this afternoon.