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Drug trial accused ‘nervous and fidgety’

An electrician accused of trying to smuggle more than $90,000 worth of cocaine into Bermuda appeared “nervous and fidgety” when he went through customs, a court has heard.

Tyrone Brown is alleged to have imported 894.6 grams of the drug on to the island on April 18, this year.

Yesterday, a jury at the Supreme Court was told that Mr Brown, 31, arrived in Bermuda on April 17 on the American Airlines flight from Miami. Earlier the same day he had started his journey in Jamaica.

However, his baggage did not arrive until the next day when customs officers searched it and discovered two packages of cocaine.

Customs officer Andrea McKey told jurors that she took Mr Brown to the secondary inspection area after he presented her with a blank immigration form.

“I asked him the purpose of his trip and he said vacation,” Ms McKey said. “I asked him if he knew anyone here and he replied ‘no’.

“I then asked him to complete his immigration form as it was not completed and he said he did not know how to.

“As I was taking him to secondary inspection, he appeared nervous.

“He was a bit fidgety as to why he was going into another room and looking around.”

Customs officer Jasha Scott, who was on duty in the secondary inspection area, told jurors that Mr Brown approached him after he was unable to find his bag in the baggage reclaim area.

“I told him that if he did not see his bag he had to inform the American Airlines agent and make a report,” he said.

“After he made the report he was escorted to secondary inspection.”

The court heard that Mr Brown was then subjected to a personal search as well as a shoe X-ray by customs staff. However, nothing of interest was found.

Mr Scott told the jury he finished work at 11pm and noticed Mr Brown was still waiting for a taxi.

“So, I took Mr Brown in my car to Clear View Suites,” he said.

“When we got there I wrote down my cell number on a paper bag and told him that if I could be of any further assistance with his lost bag to call me.”

The next day Mr Scott said he received seven missed calls from Mr Brown while he was watching a film at the cinema.

On April 19 he returned to work and provided his boss with screenshots of the call log on his phone.

Larry Mussenden, the Director of Public Prosecutions, told jurors that having heard all the evidence they would be sure that Mr Brown brought the cocaine into Bermuda. He also described how the drugs were found in Mr Brown’s bag, which arrived from Philadelphia, on April 18.

“Inside the checked baggage was a black leather bag,” Mr Mussenden said. “Concealed inside that bag were two packages the contents of which were taken out, seized and analysed, and found to be 894g of cocaine. That ranged in value from $95,000 up to $132,000 on the streets of Bermuda.”

Mr Brown was arrested at the Clear View holiday suites in Hamilton Parish early in the morning of April 19. He denies importing a controlled drug into Bermuda.

The trial continues.

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