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Man accused of stabbing says he was robbed

A man accused of stabbing a restaurant worker 13 times in an attempted robbery told a jury he was robbed the same night.

Alex Wolffe, 20, said he was on a borrowed motorcycle in the Keith Hall Road area of Warwick when he was confronted by two men, one wielding a knife.

He told the Supreme Court: “One of the guys reached to my left and the other pressed a knife towards me.

“I pushed the bike away towards the guy on the right. I pushed towards him to get away and I ran through someone’s yard.”

Mr Wolffe said he ran to a friend’s house nearby and when he was unable to wake him started to walk to the home of the friend who had lent him the bike.

He added that he found the bike abandoned on its side with the keys still in the ignition when he took a short cut through a golf course.

He said: “I looked around. I figured they had gone down on the bike after they took it for some time.”

Mr Wolffe, from Southampton, denies charges of wounding Borislav Angelov outside his Paget home, attempted robbery and two counts of intimidation.

All of the offences are alleged to have happened in the early hours of October 23 last year.

The court earlier heard that two men on a motorbike — one in a helmet and another with his face covered — had chased another motorcyclist along Harbour Road just before the attack on Mr Angelov.

When the rider sped away, the men chased Mr Angelov to his home where the bartender was stabbed as he tried to fight off the attackers.

Mr Wolffe told the court he was at home watching television and listening to music with friends on the night Mr Angelov was stabbed.

He said they were joined at some point by another friend — referred to in court as Niko — who Mr Wolffe said owed him $100.

Mr Wolffe added Niko offered to get the money and the defendant joined him.

He said: “Niko was on a bike. I’m not sure whose bike. I hadn’t seen it before.”

Mr Wolffe got on the back of the bike and they rode to Niko’s home and the man left Mr Wolffe there while he went to a cash machine.

He said Niko later returned without the money, but they hung out for a while and smoked cannabis in a shed near the house.

Mr Wolffe asked Niko if he could borrow the bike to get more cannabis and the man had agreed.

He said Niko went to visit a friend in the Khyber Pass area of Warwick before going to see someone who lived on Keith Hall Road.

Mr Wolffe added he saw two men on Keith Hall Road — one with a helmet and another with a ski mask covering his face.

He said: “As I was approaching them, they turned around to me and I thought I was going to get egged. I had been egged a lot in the past month while riding.

“I was thinking if I should turn around or try to go past them. When I got closer it was too late. They were right in front of me.”

Mr Wolffe said after he shoved the bike at the attackers and ran, he realised his finger was cut.

He said: “I figured it happened when the knife was thrust at me.”

Mr Wolffe told the court that after he found the bike, he brought it back to Niko’s house and woke him to explain what had happened.

He said: “As soon as he got out there he noticed the muffler guard was messed up. He started sighing.

“I tried to explain to him what happened and he kept holding his hand to his head and saying he didn’t want to hear it.”

Mr Wolffe added that Niko gave him a ride home and he went to bed.

The next day he received a message from Niko to ask what he had done.

He said Niko later confronted Mr Wolffe at a party.

Mr Wolffe said: “Niko told me that the police had been looking for him, something to do with the stabbing.

“I started telling him what happened and he told me that I needed to clear his name.”

Mr Wolffe told the court that they agreed to turn themselves in to police the next day.

But he said he did not wake up until late afternoon — after Niko had been arrested.

He added he was told later that day that his bedroom in his mother’s home had been searched by police.

He turned himself in the next day after his mother picked him up and took him to a lawyer’s office.

Mr Wolffe insisted that he had not been on Harbour Road on October 23 and that he had not given anyone permission to use the bike he had borrowed.

The trial continues.

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