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Conditional discharge for former policeman who threatened wife

Magistrates’ Court (File photograph)

A former police officer was given a yearlong conditional discharge yesterday after he admitted threatening his wife and causing more than $1,000 worth of damage to her car.

Magistrates’ Court heard that Rebekah Kelly, also a police officer, had suffered anxiety and depression after two encounters with her estranged husband, Sean, 41.

She said in a victim impact statement that her attempts to avoid Kelly made her feel like “a fugitive on the run”.

Mrs Kelly added: “I’m in a constant state of fear and I do not have the sense of truly feeling safe when I’m out and about or even in my own home.

“I have experienced anxiety, PTSD, depression, panic attacks and night terrors which continue to this day.”

Kelly, from Sandys, pleaded guilty on April 1 to using threatening words against his wife and causing $1,225 of damage to her car.

He also admitted using threatening words against Victor Fishington.

The court heard that Mrs Kelly visited her husband at the Pembroke gym he attended for a brief conversation about their children.

She drove away, but Kelly cut her off down the street with his own vehicle and approached the car “in an aggressive manner”.

Kelly demanded that she open the door and threatened to pull its handle off.

He then went back to his car, wrapped his hand in a cloth and started to punch Mrs Kelly’s driver’s side window and door.

Karen King Deane, for the Crown, said that Mrs Kelly opened the door to avoid any damages and the two had a “heated verbal exchange”.

Kelly eventually left and his wife noticed that the car had been damaged. Repairs ultimately cost Mrs Kelly $1,225.

The incident happened on October 9, 2019.

The court also heard that Mrs Kelly and Mr Fishington, another BPS officer, had gone on a walk through Southampton on December 29 that same year when they spotted a car that seemed to trail them.

The two later saw the same car, which Mrs Kelly later realised was her husband’s, swing into the parking lot of Warwick Playground at a high rate of speed.

Kelly approached the two and told Mr Fishington: “You know you’re screwing my wife. All you guys keep on screwing my wife – the whole service.”

Mr Fishington denied the allegations and attempted to keep Kelly calm, but Kelly said: “I will f*** you up. I will beat you; you know I can beat you. You’re f****** my wife, I’ll f*** you up.”

Mrs Kelly attempted to hide in Mr Fishington’s car, but her husband slammed the car door shut before she could get in.

Kelly then attempted to get into her own car but Kelly blocked off her access to the only functional car door.

Mrs Kelly told Mr Fishington several times to call the police and Kelly eventually left.

The two attended the Hamilton Police Station later that day and reported the incident.

Mr Fishington said in a victim impact statement that the incident changed how he looked at his fellow police officers and future colleagues.

He added: “Never in my 28 years of being on the police force have I felt like that dealing with known criminals.

“I was an innocent bystander being accused of acts of adultery – allegations that were offensive because they were simply not true.”

Charles Richardson, for the defence, said that his client had since quit the police service and had to find another career.

He added that he had had no problems with violence before these incidents, but struggled with his anger after his marriage fell apart due to alleged infidelity on the part of his wife.

Mr Richardson said: “He’s human. Even that would make anybody fly off the handle.”

Magistrate Charles Attridge ordered Kelly to stay away from his wife and Mr Fishington for at least a year.

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