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Alleged victim tells jury his shirt was set on fire by men he had ‘known for years’

An alleged victim of an attack told a jury that he was slapped and set on fire by men he had known “for years”.

Jamar Malik Dill, who held back tears during his Supreme Court testimony yesterday, said that Jahni Holder and Justin Cameron, both 27, were ordered to strike him and soak his shirt in lighter fluid before they set it on fire as he wore it.

He told the court: “Jahni had the paper towel and a red lighter. He lit the paper towel and threw it at the shirt that I had on.

Mr Dill added: “Before he lit the paper he said ‘I’m going to light your shirt on fire – I want to see how fast you take it off.

“As fast as he lit it was as fast as I took it off. Then they said ‘no no no, that’s not enough’ and started beating me.”

Mr Holder and Mr Cameron, whose trial started this week, have denied causing Mr Dill grievous bodily harm and depriving him of his liberty during an alleged incident on September 9, 2019.

A third man was charged alongside them but the prosecution against him was halted.

Mr Dill confirmed that police stopped him at West Park Lane, Pembroke, on September 5, 2019, and found “three blocks of hash”, also known as cannabis resin, and a crack pipe on him.

He added that police later raided his home and found four more blocks – weighing 187.97g.

Mr Dill told the court that the third man owned the resin and that he had been instructed to break down five 2oz blocks into smaller packages and “stash it up for him” at a drop-off point.

He said that he told the man about the drug bust and that four days later he was called “to see if we could have a quick word at Mr Holder’s house”.

Mr Dill said that the man, as well as Mr Holder and Mr Cameron, were in the backyard of the house and that he was told “there’s going to be some consequences for the police getting the drugs”.

He continued: “He wanted me to pay him back for the drugs. He said ‘I want to see Jahni Holder slap you with his messed-up hand’.

“After that, Jahni slapped me with his messed up hand and it wasn’t affecting me, so he switched hands and started slapping me again.”

Mr Dill later said that Mr Cameron also slapped him and that they each struck him in the face about five times.

He added the he was given an ultimatum: “You can take the hoe handle or you can take off your shirt.”

Mr Dill continued: “I took off my shirt. Jahni ran inside and got lighter fluid; Justin got the basin – the bucket.

“The shirt went into the bucket and they soaked it in there and made me put it back on. I just complied with whatever they wanted me to do.”

Mr Dill said that Mr Holder and the unnamed man threatened to kill him if he ran.

He added that he had known the defendants for years and that he met one of them because of Mr Dill’s addiction to crack cocaine and heroin at the time.

The trial, before Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe, continues.

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