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Man who threw knife at police on Christmas Day fined $4,300

A man who threw a knife at a police sergeant and threatened to kill officers on Christmas day last year has been fined $4,300 in total.

Jagai Bailey, 22, from Sandys Parish, last December admitted throwing the weapon and spraying the sergeant with a hose, pointing the knife at and threatening to kill other officers, as well as driving while impaired.

At the time, senior magistrate Maxanne Anderson requested that social inquiry and drug-use reports be written for Bailey, ordered him to follow an 8pm-to-6am daily curfew and released him on $5,000 bail.

Bailey was fined $1,500 then for driving under the influence and disqualified from driving all vehicles for 18 months.

Handing down his sentence for the criminal offences in Magistrates’ Court yesterday, magistrate Maria Sofianos said she considered the impact on the officers and their families.

She said the behaviour was “not aligned with right-thinking members of society“ and that such offences usually attracted a custodial sentence.

However, she also considered Bailey’s young age, the fact that he expressed remorse and that his risk of reoffending was “low”.

Asked whether he wished to say anything, Bailey said: “I apologise to the courts, my parents and officers. That’s not me.”

He was fined $1,500 for throwing the weapon, $300 for spraying the officer, an offence considered to be assault, and $1,000 for threatening to kill the officers and pointing a knife at them.

Along with the traffic matter, the fines amounted to $4,300.

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