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Murder accused had access to plastic and tape through work

Jevon Daniels (File photograph)

A former employer of a man accused of murder told a court how the defendant had access to plastic sheeting and tape at the workplace.

Kenneth Faries, a building contractor, told a jury that he had hired Davin Providence, who he knew by the nickname of “All Star”, for projects.

He said that during the period in 2016 when Jevon Daniels was last seen, Mr Providence was working on a project on Spire View Lane in Sandys, which had been damaged in a fire.

Mr Faries recalled Mr Providence coming on to the project close to the end of April that year.

“He was a good worker,” he said. “He was one of the best I had. He was a nice guy.”

He said that because residents continued to live in the house while work was being done, plastic sheeting was used to cover appliances and prevent dust from being blown through the house.

Mr Faries told the court that blue painter’s tape was also used at the site and that those working on the project would have had access to it.

However, Charles Richardson, counsel for Mr Providence, said that when Mr Faries spoke to police at the end of June that year, he had stated that the defendant had worked at the site for about a month.

“It was about a month,” he said. “A month or two. Six weeks.”

While Mr Richardson suggested that Mr Providence had started work at the site on the week of May 30, Mr Faries maintained that he was at the job before Bermuda Day.

Mr Faries also said that while he purchased his blue painter’s tape from Home Depot, similar painter’s tape could be purchased at several stores on the island.

Mr Providence has denied allegations that he murdered Mr Daniels between May 13 and June 17, 2016.

Mr Daniels was last seen on May 13 that year and the court heard his family became concerned after they had not seen or heard from him in 24 hours.

His body was discovered wrapped up in plastic and blue tape on June 17, 2016, near an area of waste ground adjoining Ireland Rangers Field on Ireland Island, Sandys.

A forensic pathologist was unable to confirm a cause of death because of the level of decomposition.

The court heard earlier that Mr Providence and Mr Daniels were housemates who lived in separate apartments in a duplex on the Railway Trail in Sandys.

The mother of Mr Daniels’s child messaged Mr Providence two days after his last sighting to ask if he and seen or heard from Mr Daniels.

Mr Providence said that Mr Daniels had come by the Railway Trail property earlier that morning but added that he told the victim to leave and never come back.

Stevonna Wales told the court that she had been in a relationship with Mr Daniels for more than ten years and had a child with him who was five when Mr Daniels was last seen alive.

“At that time we were going through a bit of turmoil,” she said. “There was a family dispute and we were ordered by the court not to have contact with each other.”

Ms Wales told the court that Mr Daniels had an “unbreakable” bond with their son.

She said that Mr Daniels would take their son to school, pick him up and watch him over weekends.

“I would often be working so he would have him and take him to his football games,” she said. “There wasn’t a time limit so he would have him as long as he wanted to.”

The trial, before Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe, continues and is expected to last three weeks.

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