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Murder accused asked witness about police questioning

Jevon Daniels (File photograph)

The mother of Jevon Daniels’s child said she became concerned about his safety after he abruptly stopped responding to messages in May 2016.

Stevonna Wales told the Supreme Court that she searched the West End for Mr Daniels in the following days without success.

Shortly after she spoke to police about the disappearance, she said she saw Davin Providence, his former housemate, outside her home.

“He wanted to ask me about what the police were questioning me about,” she said.

“At that point, I didn’t suspect anything. I was confused, angry, upset.”

Mr Providence has denied allegations that he murdered Mr Daniels between May 13 and June 17, 2016.

As the trial continued yesterday, Ms Wales said that she last saw Mr Daniels on May 11 as she briefly stopped by the duplex he shared with the defendant.

She said she became concerned about Mr Daniels on Saturday, May 13 when she sent him a WhatsApp message and saw that hours later the message still had only one tick.

Ms Wales told the court that she understood a single tick meant the message had been sent to the users phone but had not been seen.

“I kept checking it through out the day. It was one tick the whole day,” she said.

“It’s not normal, him not answering any messages or calls or even just having that one tick for that long.

“I tried calling his phone. Throughout the day I called a number of times.”

Ms Wales said that later in the day she went looking for Mr Daniels but could not find him.

“I walked down the tracks on both sides,” she said. “I was out by Nine Beaches. I walked down by Charing Cross and the Long Bay area.”

Ms Wales said that she went to Mr Providence’s home on Wednesday, May 18 and, while she did not enter, she told the court she could see Mr Daniels’ bag of clothing inside.

She said that at the time, Mr Providence said he had last seen Mr Daniels between 2am and 3am on Monday.

Ms Wales told the court she continued to search the West End for Mr Daniels, alone and with others, but was unable to find him.

She said that she was interviewed by police on May 20 about the disappearance.

Sometime after the interview, she said she spoke with Mr Providence again.

“Davin came to me and said police had taken his phone and he needed a phone,” she said. “My son had a blue and black phone and I gave that to him.”

She told the court that she later saw Mr Providence lingering around her driveway or near her neighbour’s yard and that he wanted to know what the police were asking about but she did not respond to his questions.

Ms Wales said that Mr Daniels was not suffering from any illnesses and the only drug he used was cannabis.

Under cross-examination by Charles Richardson, counsel for Mr Providence, Ms Wales denied that Mr Daniels was affiliated with gangs.

However, she later accepted that he had tattoos related to a West End gang and that he was not able to go to some places.

Ms Wales said that he had family in town and would visit them but had been warned against it when things became heated.

His body was discovered wrapped up in plastic and blue tape on June 17, 2016 near an area of waste ground adjoining Ireland Rangers Field on Ireland Island, Sandys.

A forensic pathologist was unable to confirm a cause of death because of the level of decomposition.

The court heard earlier that Mr Providence and Mr Daniels were housemates who lived in separate apartments in a duplex on the Railway Trail in Sandys.

Mr Daniels’s mother, Gloria Daniels, told the court she messaged Mr Providence two days after his last sighting to ask if he and seen or heard from Mr Daniels.

Mr Providence said that Mr Daniels had come by the Railway Trail property earlier that morning but added that he told the victim to leave and never come back.

The trial, before Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe, continues.

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