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Jury shown witness interview by murder accused

Jevon Daniels (File photograph)

A Supreme Court jury yesterday watched a witness interview with a man accused of the 2016 murder of Jevon Daniels.

In a witness interview recorded after Mr Daniels disappeared but before his body was found, Davin Providence told police that he had lived with him “on and off” since the end of 2014.

He told officers that Mr Daniels slept at his home for most of 2015.

However, near the end of that year Mr Daniels was made to leave the property by Mr Providence’s family.

Despite that, Mr Providence said in the interview that Mr Daniels had moved back in with him about two months before his disappearance.

“He came back the other day,” he told the officers. “He needed somewhere to sleep.”

He said he last saw Mr Daniels at around 4am the previous Monday, May 15, when he showed up knocking at his door and wanting to be let in.

“He was being weird,” Mr Providence said. “Rude. Cursing.

“He was whisper shouting, if you know what I mean, because he knew he didn’t want to bring attention to himself.”

Mr Providence said he told Mr Daniels to leave and not come back and that he had not seen or spoken to him since.

Asked by police if he had been approached by Stevonna Wales, the mother of Mr Daniels’ son, Mr Providence said she had contacted him on Saturday, May 13.

He told officers that she did not say Mr Daniels was missing, only that she had not been able to get in contact with him.

Mr Providence added that Mr Daniels would lose his phone once every two weeks or so — and that Mr Daniels had come back to the house later that Saturday.

The defendant said that Mr Daniels was known to have a “rude mouth”, which had caused issues with people as he was often shouting or arguing.

“He was a confrontational kind of guy,” he said. “Other than that, he was all right.”

Mr Providence has denied allegations that he murdered Mr Daniels between May 13 and June 17, 2016.

Mr Daniels’ body was discovered wrapped up in plastic and blue tape on June 17, 2016 near an area of waste ground adjoining Ireland Rangers Field on Ireland Island, Sandys.

A forensic pathologist was unable to confirm a cause of death because of the level of decomposition.

A toxicologist confirmed that there was evidence Mr Daniels had used cannabis at some time before his death but there was nothing to suggest use of other drugs or narcotics.

The court heard earlier that Mr Providence and Mr Daniels were housemates who lived in separate apartments in a duplex on the Railway Trail in Sandys.

Mr Daniels’s mother, Gloria Daniels, told the court she messaged Mr Providence two days after his last sighting to ask if he and seen or heard from Mr Daniels.

Mr Providence said that Mr Daniels had come by the Railway Trail property earlier that morning but added that he had told the victim to leave and never come back.

As the trial continued, the jury heard evidence from Michael Redfern, who led the investigation into the murder.

He told the court that two other people were arrested during the investigative process but neither was charged because there was “no evidence” linking them to the crime.

Under cross-examination by Charles Richardson, counsel for Mr Providence, he said that police had grounds to arrest both men on suspicion of murder, but that did not mean there was enough to charge them with the offence.

While Mr Redfern said he was unable to speak about one of the two other suspects as he was not on the island when that arrest took place, he said that in the second case the suspect was investigated and the evidence against him was not corroborated.

“I have been doing this for a long time,” Mr Redfern said. “The evidence we received was not corroborated and there was no evidence linking him to the crime.”

The trial, before Puisne Judge Juan Wolffe, continues.

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