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Two men fined for having cannabis

Two men were fined in Magistrates’ Court after they admitted possessing cannabis in separate incidents.Eversley Govia was arrested as police conducted a traffic search in Devonshire on July 10.Crown counsel Cindy Clarke said the officers were on Vesey Street when they noticed a grey car parked outside Belvin’s grocery store.Officers said the driver, later identified as 20-year-old Govia, repeatedly looked at the offices and acted nervously. A search revealed a clear twist containing 0.56g of cannabis in his right pants pocket.A week later, on July 17, police were carrying out an operation at the Hamilton Parish Workman’s Club when a K9 unit approached 44-year-old Rodney Burt. A search revealed a clear plastic bag containing a plant-like substance in his right pants pocket.It was later found to be 4.01g of cannabis.Asked about the material, Burt told police: “It belongs to me.”Both men pleaded with Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner for leniency in Magistrates’ Court. Govia stressed the small quantity of drugs found on him. Burt said that he had been working hard to turn his life around.“I’m not proud of my track record, and it’s unfortunate that I got caught out, but I have worked steadily for the last seven years,” Burt said.Mr Warner fined both men $800 and gave them one month to pay.