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‘I made Travis go down, hope he dies’

Travis Lowe

The man accused of killing Travis Lowe later bragged that he had “made Travis go down” and told friends “I just hope he dies”, a court has heard.

Kethyio Whitehurst is alleged to have chased Mr Lowe at high speed through the streets of Southampton, causing him to crash head-on into a van.

Yesterday, jurors were told that police seized Mr Whitehurst’s iPhone when he was arrested and went through the data on the phone.

Loryn Bell, an intelligence analyst for the Bermuda Police Service, told the Supreme Court that she came across numerous references to the fatal crash in WhatsApp chats.

Ms Bell initially referred to a one-to-one WhatsApp chat between Mr Whitehurst, who used the name Gully, and someone else called Louis shortly after the collision on Horseshoe Road on July 26 last year. “Gully says: ‘Made Travis go down ... like 20 minutes ago ... chasing him through South’,” Ms Bell said. “Gully then says to Louis: ‘He hit a van ... f**k ‘em’.”

Ms Bell told jurors that in a separate WhatsApp chat between Mr Whitehurst and another person on July 27 last year, the defendant messaged: “That sh*t last night, I was the cause of that.”

Ms Bell then moved on to a third WhatsApp group chat taken from Mr Whitehurst’s phone between him and seven other individuals.

“Gully says: ‘Made Travis go down ... f**k Parkside ... I is chasing his ass up South ... he is probably dead ... he hit a truck’,” she said.

Later in the chat, when one of his friends asks him whether the collision was head-on, Gully says: “Yeah, he was knocked out ... I just hope he dies ... one less n***a to worry about even though he a b***h.”

The jury has been told that Mr Whitehurst was linked to the MOB gang in Somerset, while Mr Lowe was associated with the rival Parkside gang.

On Wednesday afternoon, jurors were shown footage of the moment that Mr Lowe was fatally injured colliding with the van.

The recording, taken from a CCTV camera outside a private residence, also showed him being chased before the impact, while the audio soundtrack picked up the man on the second bike — who prosecutors say is Mr Whitehurst — shouting expletives towards Mr Lowe on the ground after impact.

Detective Constable Chris Sabaean told jurors that Mr Whitehurst was seen on CCTV cameras at the Boaz Island gas station at just before 3pm on July 26 last year.

His movements were then tracked as he travelled east towards Hamilton on Middle Road over Somerset Bridge and past Barnes Corner.

Prosecutors allege that Mr Whitehurst was “on the hunt” when he spotted Mr Lowe turning on to Camp Hill Road and gave chase.

Referring to footage taken from outside Southampton Rangers Sports Club, Mr Sabaean said: “We can see Travis Lowe is manoeuvring to make a left-hand turn into the entrance, we can also see the defendant’s leg kick out towards Travis Lowe.

“Travis Lowe goes into the Southampton Rangers car park and the defendant follows him.”

Mr Whitehurst denies manslaughter.

The case continues.

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