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Warning to public over cybercrime

Fraudsters posing as communications representatives under the out-of-date company names Logic and Northrock have attempted to gain private customer information, according to One Communications.

In a statement, the company asked for the public to “exercise caution when receiving e-mails and/or phone calls requesting personal information” — and not to provide any details or remote computer access.

Calling cybercrime “an ongoing challenge”, the company said it did not share any customer contact information with third parties.

The statement advised customers never to share personal details, but instead to note:

• The date and time of the phone call;

• The name of the caller;

• The phone number displayed;

• Any other distinct information that might be gathered during the interaction.

Upon receiving a questionable e-mail, customers were advised to double check to see if the sender is a known contact.

If in doubt, do not click any links or file attachments, and delete any suspicious message.

Customers were advised to check their password strength, using at least eight characters including numbers and special characters.

The statement added: “In the event account changes are needed, One Communications encourage you to directly contact the Customer Care team by phone at 700-7000 for mobile services, 700-7100 for TV and internet services, or in person at any of our three store locations across the island.

“As a final step in this ongoing battle against cybercrime, the public is strongly encouraged to report instances of fraud or attempted fraud to the Bermuda Police Service by dialling 247-1757 or by e-mail to fraud2@bps.bm.”