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Police launch investigation into violent video involving private school pupils

Police last night confirmed a complaint had been made to officers over a video that featured violence involving pupils from a private school.

A police spokesman said: “The video has elicited considerable comment from the community, some of which is concerning.

“There is also now being circulated, a screenshot of a statement supposedly written by one of the minors involved which appears to be having the same impact.”

He was speaking after a Warwick Academy pupil was temporarily barred from class over a “disturbing and violent video” that featured “an incident involving two minors” was spread on social media.

The spokesman added: “The BPS urges members of the public not to let their emotions get the better of them and commit any acts that could result in prosecution.”

David Horan, the principal at the school, said in an e-mail to parents that the video was recorded at a home by one WA pupil, featured another WA pupil and one from another school.

The email added: “As a school we make it very clear that we do not condone violence and will follow all advice given to us by the Bermuda Police Service.

“In addition, our counselling services have been activated to provide support where needed.

“Until this has been fully investigated and resolved by the police, the Warwick Academy student depicted in the video will not be attending school.”

Police earlier appealed to anyone sent the video on social media to delete it.

The spokesman told the public: “We again advise that should you receive the video clip in question, or the screenshot of the statement, you do not forward it on and instead delete it from your electronic devices.”