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Shock tactics

Five road fatalities in five weeks is a very stark and sad statistic. However, imagine if those deaths were the result of some rare, easily transmittable disease. How many agencies would be involved in a huge campaign to stop its spread, instantly? So, will five road deaths in five weeks constitute a similar emergency? The answer is probably not. Yet surely that is exactly how it should be treated. After all, in the case of road deaths it is an 'illness' that comes around all too frequently. Police statistics tell us the most common causes of accidents, so where is the hard-hitting, multi-agency backed campaign that concentrates the minds of all ages and all sexes? Where are the 'in your face' adverts? This newspaper acknowledges that many attempts have been made to curb people's behaviours — the courses for bartenders in dealing with those who have had too much to drink and banning the use of cell phones while driving are two excellent examples. However, the Island should be treating this like the outbreak of a terrible and frightening disease. This newspaper understands that there are many priorities, but we are losing too many sons of the Island. Let us all as a population take note of the issue and determine to do something about it individually, let all the organisations involved produce a successful, shocking and sustainable campaign that will educate those who are not willing to change. Ÿ What do you think? E-mail acting Editor Jeremy Deacon.


The scene of the collision that claimed the life of Jevanie Fubler. His bike hit barricades on Frog Lane in Devonshire early on Saturday morning (Photo by Glenn Tucker)