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Gold shines amid doom and gloom

At a time when there is so much doom and gloom and negative headlines, isn’t it good to be able to celebrate some genuine sporting achievements by our young people. A hatful of medals — and many more near misses — at the Carifta Games for track and field and the Carifta Championships for swimming is a remarkable achievement considering the population of the countries we were competing against. As is often said, young people are our future political and business leaders, it is they who we will rely on to take this country forward, to make this country seen and heard. It seems we are in good hands. There have been no reports of any problems while this group of athletes were overseas — unlike in other sports or organisations in the past — and it appears they have handled themselves with aplomb. While football is sometimes plagued by violence and cricket appears to be on a downward spiral from the height of the World Cup six years ago, these young people continue to set new benchmarks.

The Royal Gazette has repeatedly called for cash to support sporting and social organisations, to provide some sort of safety net in these harsh economic times, to help those in danger of falling into a life of crime. This newspaper has also consistently voiced its disappointment that no money has been allocated for such measures. If there is the remotest chance that money available, now or in the future, it is sports such as these that need a boost. There is a tangible return — medals, and well turned out, fit, disciplined and determined young people with one common desire. The Bermuda National Athletics Association receives minimal Government support and relies heavily on donations to survive. However, it, like other smaller groups appears to continually nurture talent that has the ability to put Bermuda on the sporting map, helping the country to punch above its weight. Sailing is the other organisation that comes to mind. Cricket and football will not like this newspaper for again suggesting this, but perhaps there needs to be a rethink over which sports Government aligns its support to. Tangible results and new benchmarks speak volumes. n Want to talk to me about something? Follow me on Twitter and let me know:


Kyrah Scraders and Juma Mouchette kiss their medals yesterday evening after returning home from the 2013 Carifta Games in Jamaica. (Photo by Akil Simmons)