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Government award to young leaders programme

David Burt, the Premier, hands over Government sponsorship to the Future Leaders of Bermuda (Photograph supplied)

A programme to develop young potential has been awarded $25,000 by the Government.

The Future Leaders of Bermuda summer programme gives students experience in topics ranging from leadership, poverty, violence, injustice, identity, privilege, and social justice.

David Burt, the Premier, met with young people enrolled in the three-week course, telling them: “The future is truly in the hands of our youth, and I cannot wait to see these future leaders apply what they have learnt to better Bermudian society.”

The programme, launched in June 2017, offers the chance to have a positive impact in the community through study, service, mentorship and empowerment.

Participants this year include Nathan Furbert, Mya Furbert-Jacobs, Roneeyah Jones, Kanye’ Raynor-Simmons, Malay Robinson, Sekai Tatem, Taliah Trott, Madison Thompson, Cairo Simmons, Vashti Smith, Zy-Asia Forbes, Ezeqiel Jimenez, Ryan Fleming, Nije’ Hypolite, Vincent Darrell, Ywione Darrell, Austin Dowling, Chloe Morton, Jannis Roberts, Rio Russell, Shazaria Francis-Brown, Alaiyah Hayward, Ajani Richardson.

Young people get a voice in topics affecting Bermuda and the world, and get to build partnerships beyond the traditional educational setting.

Ywione Darrell, a Future Leader signed up for this year, said he was excited “to learn about poverty and privilege so that I can get a broader understanding of how we as a country are affected by this issue and how we can sustainably fight against it”.

Mr Burt said: “We have many bright and talented young people in Bermuda, who are quick to take advantage of opportunities to better themselves. These are just a few.

“You are all to be congratulated for making this commitment, for joining the programme and exploring the world around you as you make a difference to your family and our community.

“In the coming weeks you will engage in activities that are designed to help you gain a better understanding of yourselves, to think independently and grow from your experiences — both intellectually and personally.

“You will discuss, debate, and get hands-on experience and exposure to real life challenges and issues.

“You will meet with public figures, community leaders and top executives to discuss relevant issues and gain a better understanding on a variety of topics. These are people who care about you, and care about our community and the issues affecting it.

“I encourage you to tap into the knowledge and wisdom that they will share with you. Indulge your curiosity — ask lots of questions. Take advantage of all of the resources and the coaching that you’ll receive.

“Overall, you will be in a better position to take charge of your future and the future of Bermuda.”