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Temperature plummets as foul weather plagues Bermuda

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Wind blown waves batter Coney Island Hamilton Parish North Shore as strong winds that accompanied a winter storm push through Bermuda Tuesday morning

Bermuda's weather hit a record new low this morning with a temperature of 48F, just under 9C — the lowest this year and the lowest ever recorded for December, according to the Bermuda Weather Service.Weather forecaster Michelle Pitcher said it was recorded at about 4am today, during a “moderate shower containing hail”.She said: “Our previous low for this month was 50F, which Bermuda reached just the other day, and also reached a few years ago.”The lowest temperature ever recorded was 44F, in February 1950.The Island's weather is currently dominated by a large, slow-moving body of low pressure to the north.The system will bring strong winds and rain for the next few days, with increasingly colder temperatures this week.Gale force winds expected to continue until tomorrow “at the very least”, according to the Bermuda Weather Service (BWS).The BWS issued a Storm Warning for last night and into this morning.As the temperature drops this week, however, there may be some respite in store for Bermuda.A BWS spokesman said: “Christmas Day at the moment looks like one of the better days to come.“There are hints that we'll get a break from the recent bad weather. It's not going to be particularly warm but with luck we'll lose some of the strong winds we've been seeing.”This week's weather is dominated by a “slow-moving, very vigorous, very deep low pressure system”, which as of last night lay some 460 miles roughly north of the Island.The spokesman said: “In weather terms, that's still quite near to Bermuda.“This big low will slowly move north over the next few days, moving slightly eastward and then northeastward by Friday.”He said the system would weaken slightly as it moved away.“We can then see a little ridge of high pressure developing later in the week. Quite how defined it could become is difficult to say. But it may be better this weekend.”He added: “That's before the next weather system comes down the line.”

Stormy winter weather as temperatures on the Island plummet.
Stormy weather brings high tides.