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Storm brings rare birds to Bermuda

This winged tagged Ring-billed Gull was recently spotted in Bermuda.

Stormy weather had brought the Island not just rain and hail, but a number of birds that rarely visit Bermuda.According to the Bermuda Audubon Society, a variety of birds including owls and gulls have been spotted over the Island recently.“Rarities have included a Short-eared Owl seen flying over Spittal Pond, a Northern Gannet, which has been observed off both North and south Shore, a Canada Goose in Harrington Sound, an immature Snow Goose and a long tailed duck at Spittal Pond,” a spokesman for the society said.“Many Killdeer have been reported from golf courses, school fields and private gardens. These shorebirds breed in North America and have moved south as a result of the Arctic weather in the Eastern US and Canada.”Birdwatchers have also spotted a Ring-billed Gull, which was tagged for tracking in Massachusetts, where a study is being carried out on the movement of gull species.“This bird has been noticed by members of the public in Dockyard, Hamilton and Flatts. The numbers on the wing tag and leg bands have been sent to the bird banding authority in the US so that the movements of this bird can be recorded.”Not all of the birds have arrived on the Island safely however. A Bridled Tern, which was found on Port Royal Golf Course was taken to the Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo rehabilitation centre severely underweight and suffering from exhaustion. It later died.