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A behind-the-scenes look at BTR’s operation

Leading the way: Castle Harbour, left, has won his first two races for Bermuda Thoroughbred Racing

Bermuda Thoroughbred Racing will host a “story so far” presentation featuring behind-the-scenes footage of the exploits of their six horses this month.

Due to be held at the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute on June 24, the invitation-only event will include a four-minute film updating owners on the progress of Johnny Barnes, Castle Harbour, Horseshoe Bay, Great Sound, Paradise Lakes and Sir George Somers.

Harry Herbert, the racing manager of Highclere, the racing syndicate in Berkshire that oversees the BTR operation, is the keynote speaker, while Michael Dunkley, the Premier, will give a welcome speech.

Simon Scupham, the local businessman behind BTR, has enlisted the services of a film-production company to follow the fortunes of the stable of horses over the past two years.

It is hoped the footage gathered, including Johnny Barnes’s maiden win in Yarmouth in 2014, will convey the excitement and thrill of the sport.

“We’re looking to present the BTR story to a bigger audience, and at the same time widen the potential to find other like-minded people who may like to invest,” Scupham said.

“I think it’s a story that has captured the imagination of the Bermuda people. They can identify with the horse names and the colours that they wear.”

Gary Millard-Bourne, whose company Millard-Bourne Associates is behind the film presentation, hopes it will help fill in the blanks for those Bermudian-based owners who have not yet seen the horses in action.

“I think there are two strands of it: to build up something for Simon to have a record of, plus give people a good idea of the excitement of it all,” said Millard-Bourne, who visited the island this month to interview several of the owners.

“Simon felt is was important to bring the whole thing together with behind-the-scenes footage and the races.

“I think his idea to build the Bermuda brand through the horses relies heavily on communication and information, and that’s what we are trying to do.

“I take a huge interest in following the horses’ fortunes.”

Castle Harbour has won his opening two races at the Alex Scott Maiden Stakes at Newmarket and at the Conundrum HR Consulting Stakes at York. He is expected to run at Royal Ascot this month.