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Artemis members come to aid of jet skier

Heroic rescue: Artemis Racing (Photograph courtesy of Sander van der Borch/Artemis Racing)

Members of the Artemis Racing team have been hailed heroes after coming to the aid of a stricken jet skier in the Great Sound.

The Canadian visitor had been on a jet-ski tour close to Five Star Island when he suffered from an epileptic seizure.

Harry Patchett, from Somerset Bridge Water Sports, was leading the tour on Saturday afternoon when he called on the Artemis team for help.

“I approached the Artemis base and appealed for help and crew members responded without a second thought,” Mr Patchett said.

“They raced out to the scene with me and stabilised the man until marine police arrived to convey him to Jew’s Bay dock and the ambulance that would take him to hospital.

“Their care and efficiency do them great credit as does their eagerness to help out in the community they now call home.”

Mr Patchett also praised the efforts of the marine police and ambulance staff in they rescue operation.