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Excitement is building for new girl Steph

Getting ready: Rodill

Bermudian Stephanie Rodill has only been in her job at the West End Development Corporation for a few weeks, but can already sense the excitement around the America’s Cup.

“It is wildly thrilling for Bermuda,” Rodill said. “It will place Bermuda on a global stage and showcase all we have to offer. It is fantastic brand awareness and will put us at the forefront of people’s minds for years to come.”

Stephanie joined Wedco as marketing and social media coordinator from Insight Visual Communications Ltd, which is based in Hamilton, so she is getting to see the America’s Cup up close for the first time.

“I get to see Oracle Team USA going out into the Great Sound and I hear visitors and locals discussing the upcoming events. There really is a growing sense of excitement,” she said.

“But also, the fact that you can walk down the street and not only see, but interact with the America’s Cup sailors, staff and partners is extremely cool. They have assimilated into everyday life here in Dockyard very well.”

Cross Island, nine acres of reclaimed land in the Royal Naval Dockyard, will be the stage for the America’s Cup Village.

“The event will bring thousands of people to the former Royal Naval base,” Rodill said. “In the past two years, the Royal Naval Dockyard has seen numerous building restorations and upgrades.

“Our Wedco team is highly motivated by the arrival of the America’s Cup and we hope to have a few more restoration and upgrade projects completed before the event takes place.

“These projects have always been in the works, but we hope to have a few more completed before events commence to ensure that both Dockyard and Bermuda are showcased in top shape.

“I cannot wait for the event to arrive. It is going to be a large boost to Bermuda.”