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Hooked from the start

Just the beginning: Santiago wants to sail forever

The first day, as I walked into the AC Endeavour building I immediately had an interest in sailing.

I started in October 2015.

I mean, the way the teachers, Joshua and Katrina, taught sailing, Who wouldn’t? I like how the instructors are kind, firm and fair. They are not sugary sweet and fake and with all of these rules about what you cannot do.

They have fair expectations; like what you need to know in order to be on the water. They have inspired a joy in sailing in me. We sailed most of the time that we were there.

I also like that we have learnt how to sail different types of boats.

We sailed RS Fevas, Hobbie Cats, and Open Bics. And my sailing partners and I were awarded our own sail boats, Optis, that were refurbished by Oracle Team USA. I was so excited as I had never had a boat before. I didn’t stop smiling.

After I couldn’t sail in the after-school programme, I moved onto the Saturday sailing programme.

My friends and I, Riley and Jessie, were invited to sail with some of the America’s Cup sailors in St George’s Harbour. I had a great time!

I got to sail with Louis Sinclair from Oracle Team USA and we came first! That was a lot of fun. He was very kind. My other friend, Samantha, was not able to come that day.

Then Katrina was moved to the AC Endeavour West Fort. Leah came to St George’s to replace her.

Leah was a very short young lady. But her voice was so loud that one could hear her across the harbour.

She was the main person who trained me into the sailor that I am now.

Then after Saturday sailing was finished I moved to the Sunday sailing. We have been training for the Nationals that are coming up this weekend.

It has been so much fun.

I have learnt a lot, but the main thing that I have learnt is how to be a better sailor. I would recommend the Endeavour programme to other children and their parents mainly for the experience, and the joy that it brings.

Also because they teach you about our heritage and a Bermudian tradition in a fun way, to inspire a joy and love of sailing, not just theory, theory, theory, but learning all of that theory while on the water sailing.

Doing what we are learning. I like that.

I want to sail forever and ever. As long as it takes me to get to the America’s Cup maybe like Ceci Wollman, who is my sailing heroine and Louis Sinclair who is my sailing hero.

That is my Endeavour story.