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Working together for best outcome

Successful event: the ACBDA and ACEA work side by side to ensure the America’s Cup is a success

America’s Cup Bermuda and America’s Cup Event Authority are two organisations that work side by side, in partnership. Here we take a look at both organisations to better understand the workings behind the 35th America’s Cup.

America’s Cup Bermuda is a company set up by the Bermuda Government to deliver the many responsibilities of the host venue agreement, a document agreed between the Government of Bermuda and the Americas Cup Event Authority.

Mike Winfield, the ACBDA’s chief executive officer, and Peter Durhager, the chairman, are tasked with ensuring that Bermuda provides the best possible venue to host such an event. This includes everything from helping the teams and support crew settle in Bermuda, to establishing the transport, security and telecommunications plans for a seamless and successful event.

In carrying out these responsibilities the ACBDA represents Bermuda’s interests across all aspects and is defining the positive, long-term legacy for the island. Here are some of the things that the ACBDA does on a daily basis:

• Concierge service for the ACEA, competitor teams, regatta officials and the America’s Cup’s designated sponsors

• Advisory, consultative and administrative functions for the preparation and development of Royal Naval Dockyard for the America’s Cup events.

• A single point of contact for any and all requests or interactions between the ACEA and the Government of Bermuda.

• Ensure effective communication with the broader Bermuda community relating to the America’s Cup and its associated impacts and opportunities.

• Working with the America’s Cup Event Authority to help meet Bermuda’s sponsorship guarantee commitments.

The ACEA is a Bermuda-based company tasked with the organisation of the 35th America’s Cup, including all commercial, broadcast and event hosting functions. Sir Russell Coutts is the ACEA’s chief executive officer.

ACEA’s core purpose is: “To be widely viewed as an iconic, compelling and innovative sports event, creating exceptional brand value and a sustainable legacy, while inspiring future generations through sailing.”

In terms of the 35th America’s Cup, ACEA will create the America’s Cup Village on top of Cross Island in Dockyard. ACBDA was responsible for the land reclamation and is currently working on the infrastructure, i.e. the electricity, water, sewage and telecommunications. Then the ACEA will build out the viewing areas, the entertainment areas and sailing centres for some teams.

ACEA is responsible for the following:

• Developing, delivering, staging and commercialising every aspect of the 35th America’s Cup, including the LVWS events and the main event in 2017, aside from on water race management.

• The America’s Cup Endeavour Programme, which elevates the learning environment for students and teachers with an interactive science, technology, engineering, arts and maths curriculum and hands-on experiences through sailing.

In a nutshell, ACBDA makes sure Bermuda is the best venue while ACEA makes sure this is the best event.