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Fresh ideas from the past

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fashion on the Street: Marike Vorndran. (Photo by Akil Simmons)

What makes fashion, fashionable?

According to designer Carolina Herrera, it’s the way you put things together.

We’re seeing a return to the 1970s this year. Designers have come up with lots of flared pants, wide-brimmed hats and fringe.

Next year? Who knows what era our fashion inspiration will come from.

This week, Lifestyle asked women which decade they most preferred when it came to fashion.

Underwriter Jessica Lindo said she wouldn’t mind a return to the 90s, when grunge was a big hit.

“I wasn’t really into that style at the time, but back in the day people would wear the goth, punk style of Nirvana.

“Nowadays I think Gwen Stefani has really mastered that look.

“I think it’s awesome. It’s funky and edgy and I think people express themselves well in that genre. It proves it’s cool to be different.”

The 32-year-old described her style as casual and elegant with a little edge.

“I like to look polished but it has to be comfortable,” Ms Lindo said.

“I usually dress up for work. Sometimes I put in long days at the office, walking to and from meetings so I have to be comfortable.”

She said she gets inspiration from celebrities, magazines and social media.

“Everything about Instagram I like,” she said. “I follow a girl named Wendy Nguyen who has Wendy’s Lookbook. I love her.

“She’s from San Francisco and has amazing style. She has an outfit that she will style in four different ways so you know when you buy something new the different ways to wear it.”

Marike Vorndran, a fashion design graduate from South Africa, said she’d gladly wear styles from the 60s.

“It was very feminine and was a time where housewives would wear feminine full skirts and florals and that kind of vibe,” the 27-year-old said.

“I think there has been a move towards androgynous looks at the moment, but showing off our femininity is important as well. It’s colourful, accents our curves and it’s just beautiful.”

Ms Vorndran, who’s here on holiday, said her style has been more laid-back since she’s arrived.

“It’s very casual and comfortable, but with a fashionable edge,” she said. “I try and get some edge into my look by taking the seasonal trends and incorporating it into my wardrobe and maybe also just by the way I put it all together.”

One of her greatest sources of inspiration comes from a fashion blogger on Instagram.

“I follow a girl named Kaninita. She also has quite a laid-back style, but she’s really fashionable and will wear really commercial pieces.

“It’s not like the pieces you find in Vogue that are only made for the runway — those are fashionable, but never commercial. She wears really accessible clothes.”

Marketing professional Madison Brewer couldn’t pick one specific era.

“[If I had to choose] I guess I’d go back to the 80s. I like colours,” she said.

“But maybe it would be nice to go back a little earlier than that. I’m wearing a necklace that was given to me by my grandmother [Jackie Brewer], which is made from an old Bermuda coin from 1975.

“She got it made and I wear it almost every day. I like it because it has a classic, vintage feel to it, but it’s also modern; something like what you’d see at a store like Atelerie.”

The 22-year-old described her style as plain, but classic at the same time.

“I gravitate towards things that are timeless,” she said. “The pieces don’t necessarily stand out, but they always work and it’s perfect for work.”

She said was inspired by the “chic and classy” fashion scene in Boston, where she studied.

fashion on the Street: Madison Brewer. (Photo by Akil Simmons)
fashion on the Street: Jessica Lindo. (Photo by Akil Simmons)