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Who are your celebrity fashion inspirations?

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Fashion on the street: Melika Jones loves the suit style as worn by actress Kerry Washington (Photo by Akil Simmons)

Every woman I know has, at some point, looked into her closet and complained about having nothing to wear.

They may have tons of clothes, they may even have gone shopping in the past week. Still, nothing works.

It’s a first-world problem. And it’s common, even among men. The Royal Gazette took to the streets to find out which celebrity or fictional character’s closet people might like to raid. (None of them condoned stealing and no celebrity homes were broken into as part of this story.)

Melika Jones, 38, said she would love to dress like Olivia Pope, the star of ABC television show Scandal.

“She wears a lot of basic suits and dresses which is what I obviously like,” the corporate administrator said. “My only thing is I would put on the extra accessories to make it a little different and more to my taste.”

Actress Kerry Washington, who plays the lead role, typically wears very basic colours — white, grey, beige and black. It seems Ms Jones isn’t the only one fascinated by the clothes in the hit series. An iTunes app called Get This tells you which designers the show’s characters are wearing during each episode.

Ms Jones said she aims for “elegant chic” when she dresses for work.

“For instance, these shades [I’m wearing] they are for style, they aren’t prescription glasses. Also with this look I paired the socks with heels just for a little something extra.

“I would wear all different kinds of tights, whether fishnets or different colours. I have all different types at home.”

She said she gets inspiration by browsing through stores such as New York & Co and Express.

“I like to shop overseas unfortunately, because I get better deals and much better variety. Those two stores in particular carry a lot of things I can wear to work because they tend to keep their clothes simple.” Edmeiko Butterfield, 27, said he wouldn’t mind borrowing pieces from the likes of Trey Songz or Bruno Mars.

“I like the urban quality of Trey’s clothes, but with Bruno I like the fit and how he pulls his looks together,” the counsellor said. “When it comes to dressing for me, I have my own unique style. I don’t put too much thought into it.

“People tell me all the time, ‘How can you wear this item with that one?’ I figure if you can wear something with confidence you can pull it off. Just be confident in what you have on.”

He describes his style as urban, but with a British flair.

Catrina Fubler, 18, likes to wear lots of colour. Her outfit choice is usually based on whether she has the shoes to match. She said she would love to browse through superstar Beyoncé’s closet. Her second choice would be British singer/songwriter Rita Ora.

“I like Beyoncé’s stuff, especially her body suits, but I wouldn’t wear them in public like that. I’d add some other pieces on top of it,” she said. “With Rita Ora I like that she wears lots of colours and everything matches her skin tone and hair. She always wears something unique and different and will pair it with a red lipstick to make it stand out even more.”

Beyoncé is known to glam it up with embellished gowns on the red carpet. However, her street look is more understated — jeans and bold heels topped off with a cute hat or oversized sunglasses.

Rita Ora is making a name for herself because of her bold colours and wild prints. Some fans were so enamoured they created a blog in her honour: ritaorafashion.tumblr.com.

Fashion on the Street: Catrina Fubler loves Beyonce's sense of style (Photo by Akil Simmons)
Head gear: Edmeiko Butterfield likes Bruno Mars’ style (Photo by Akil Simmons)
Edmeiko Butterfield (Photo by Akil Simmons)
Catrina Fubler (Photo by Akil Simmons)