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Peace ceremony held in memory of murder victim

Peace offering: Community leaders and students gathered at

Community groups in Warwick held a Pause for Peace ceremony in memory of a murder victim.

Che Jennings was gunned down outside Warwick Workmen’s Club on April 7.

The ceremony, on Monday, was held at the club on Cobbs Hill Road and attended by representatives from Christ Church, PHC and students from Warwick Academy and Purvis Primary schools.

Mr Jennings’ parents were also in attendance, alongside Michael Weeks, the Minister for National Security, and Ianthia Simmons-Wade, the constituency MP.

A sapling was presented to the club’s president, Lorenzo Tucker, by Maria Woods, Warwick Academy’s head of primary.

Following the ceremony, Mr Weeks said: “These initiatives are very symbolic of peace and growth.

“When a tree is planted its roots grow and its branches become stronger, which is symbolic of what we need to do as a community.

“The tree is a reminder of both a tragedy that happened here but also hope for the future. In times of crisis there’s always hope for the future.

“I think it’s important to have all groups involved because it helps take away the ‘us and them’ mentality, be it young against old, black against white, male against female.

“There was a really diverse crowd at the ceremony, certainly in terms of age and race. We all need to come together, hold hands, pray together, hope together and work together.

“We were also there to support Mr and Mrs Jennings, to show them some love and to show them that they are not forgotten.”