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Former premier Ewart Brown to hold book signing in Jamaica

Ewart Brown’s autobiography, Whom Shall I Fear? Pushing the Politics of Change (File photograph)

Proceeds earned from a former premier’s book signing will benefit a Jamaican high school.

Ewart Brown, who served as premier from 2006 to 2010, will be signing his autobiography Whom Shall I Fear? Pushing the Politics of Change, at two events in Jamaica this weekend.

Looking forward to the events, Dr Brown said: “Covid delayed us, but we could not go much longer without holding these signings.”

The money raised from both events will be donated to Dr Brown’s old high school, St Jago in Spanish Town.

The book, published in 2019, discusses the experiences that shaped Dr Brown into who he is today and is a bestseller both in and outside Bermuda.

Dr Brown explained: “I owe much to Jamaica, the widespread support of my book is a testament to the desire to see our experiences reflected accurately through the written word so the generations to come will know the true history of the region, not only our struggles but also our victories."

The first signing will be held at the AC Marriott Hotel in Kingston on May 26 and the second will be at a private residence outside the city on May 28.