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Free yoga aims to help seniors’ health

The programme aims to show how yoga and yoga therapy can help with some common health concerns

A free yoga therapy programme designed to benefit Bermuda’s seniors is being launched.

The four-month, one-on-one programme aims to demonstrate how yoga and yoga therapy counselling can help with some common health issues that affect our ageing population.

Information will be gathered about mental and physical stress, anxiety, chronic pain, sleep issues, posture and other concerns.

The free Yoga Therapy and Ageing programme is being organised jointly by Age Concern and the Bermuda Association of Yoga Therapists.

Age Concern director Claudette Flemming said: “In the Western world, there is a growing and unprecedented emphasis on personal responsibility in old age. We are expected to take care of ourselves first, before we seek the assistance of others.

“The truth of the matter is, however, that as human beings we are always in a state of interdependency — that is, we will always need the presence and support of others to help fulfil our goals and aspirations.

“While we are in support of the ‘personal responsibility’ healthcare and ageing message, we are also acutely aware that environmental conditions must be supported for ageing and health outcomes to be effectively achieved by older adults.

“We hope the programme and programme outcomes will inspire more of our members to take advantage of the offering, should we be able to offer it again.

“We also hope that persons in the wellness industry will be inspired to offer discounted services for Age Concern members as a means of opening doors for those who might not normally have access or information on the many ways that are possible to support wellness in old age.”

BAYT chairwoman Joanne Wohlmuth added: “The intention of the project is to draw the spotlight on concerns for the elderly and the rising cost of healthcare and our need to look at alternative, low-risk and low-cost health methods as an adjunct to allopathic medicine to help seniors heal or stay healthy.

“The intention, also, is to raise awareness and respect for yoga therapy and its benefit to our Bermuda community at this time of impending doom and gloom, vis-à-vis the state of our healthcare system.”

There will be an introductory session at Charities House on Wednesday, August 12, from 1pm to 2.30pm.

The programme runs between September and December of this year.