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Camps gain SunSmart accreditation

Photograph by Blaire Simmons

Dozens of summer camps completed a SunSmart Accreditation programme set up by the Bermuda Cancer and Health Centre.

Camps were required to develop policies to minimise the danger of excessive ultraviolet radiation exposure for students and staff outdoors.

Counsellors in charge of camps had to ensure all participants followed their requirements, while camps were provided with hats and sunglasses in case children forget to bring them.

Camps also received a written report on their policy based on spot check assessments.

BCHC event and programme manager Azuree Williams said: “When searching for excursion venues, it’s best to look for locations with plenty of shade or camps can take portable shade if they have access to it.

“BCHC also recommends mentioning sun safety in a note home to parents and seeking permission to reapply sunscreen during the day.

“Advising them that their kids should be packing long-sleeve clothing, UV swim shirts, a broad brim hat, sunglasses and sunscreen.”

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is a major contributory factor in the development of skin cancer. Ultraviolet radiation comes from both direct sunlight and skylight as it is scattered in the atmosphere.

Ultraviolet radiation is also reflected from surrounding surfaces such as water and sand.

High levels of radiation are received in wide, open areas such as uncovered school playing fields and playgrounds, even on a cloudy day.

Sun exposure in the first 18 years of life contributes significantly to the lifetime risk of developing skin cancer.

Ms Williams said: “Caregivers are some of the most influential figures in a child’s life, and they have the power to spread the importance of the SunSmart message.

“Helping kids develop an everyday routine of slip, slop, slap, seek, and slide can save lives in the long run.”

Ultraviolet radiation is high from April through October, peaking in July and August. Ultraviolet radiation is highest from 10am to 4pm.

For more information, e-mail sunsmart@chc.bm or visit www.chc.bm.

SunSmart Accredited 2018 programme:

• Aries Summer Camp (not pictured)

• Bermuda Gymnastics Camp

• Bermuda Aquarium Museum and Zoo- Aqua Camps:

• Kids’ A

• Kids’ B

• Explorers

• Tots

• Zoo

• Department of Youth, Sport and Recreation Summer Camps:

• Camp Bermudez

• Camp Fresh Start

• Camp Head Start

• Camp Hibiscus

• Camp Loquat

• Camp Paw-Paw

• Camp Pontoon

• Camp Smart Start

• Teen Camps: Boys II Men, Girls II Ladies

• Angle Street Centre (The Centre) Camps: Camp Onion Primary; Camp Onion Middle

• Sandys Community Centre: Camp Gombeys

• Dolphin Quest Bermuda

• FMS3 (not pictured)

• Fun Spot

• iSwim Bermuda (not pictured)

• Junior Camp Evangelical Church (not pictured)

• Kamp Koolz (not pictured)

• Mini Mas Camp (not pictured)

• Planet Math

• Prince & Princesses Club

• Scribbles Art Shack

• The Family Centre Summer Camps:

• Girlventures

• Meet Up

• Wild Island’s Root Camp (not pictured)

• White’s Island Swim Camp (not pictured)