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Film to be screened on side-effects from Covid-19 jab

Jennifer Sharp, a US-based film producer who has documented cases of adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine (Photograph supplied)

Adverse reactions to Covid-19 are explored in a documentary set to premiere in Bermuda on April 10.

Eugene Dean, the organiser of the event, said that Anecdotals, the film by the United States-based director Jennifer Sharp, was “a compassionate exploration of the nuanced vaccine debate, focusing on questions rather than answers, and people rather than politics”.

It will screen at 7pm in the Speciality Cinema, with tickets available through the website of the Collective Action Solidarity Trust, or Cast, as well as the cinema’s site online.

Launched in 2022, Cast sought to bring a legal challenge against the Bermuda Government over allegations that the handling of the pandemic was mismanaged, with broad emergency powers going too far.

Ms Sharp suffered an adverse reaction to the Covid-19 vaccine, according to a statement issued by the group, but felt “alienated and cast aside” by friends and family.

She went on a fact-finding mission to tell the story of others who experienced harmful side-effects.

Mr Dean said that the public needed to be aware that medical interventions determined to be safe and effective were “not necessarily safe for everyone”.

“Individual safety problems often emerge when a drug, or in this case, Covid vaccines, are taken by millions of people.

“As new adverse event data emerges, society must acknowledge these safety signals, ask questions and respond accordingly.

“Individual experiences are often dismissed as anecdotes because they are based on personal accounts rather than scientific facts or research.

“However, anecdotes are data points and should be part of the overall conversation or debate around any medical intervention.”

Ms Sharp invested her life savings into the production of the film, saying she hoped that it would spark conversations and encourage others to share their stories.

Ms Sharp, a graduate of the New York University Tisch School of the Arts, has previously directed two feature films.