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Personal trainer ready to embrace the world

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Going places: Becky Wright has launched an online fitness coaching business. The new role will allow the 30-year-old the chance to work remotely from anywhere in the world

Becky Wright constantly hears how she’s “living the dream”.

It’s no surprise people are envious, the 30-year-old personal trainer quit her job and is now travelling the world.

Yesterday she launched an online business, Inspire Fitness Coaching.

“It’s not impossible for anyone to do,” she said. “It takes a lot of guts because it’s risky and it’s going to be unpredictable, but I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t give it a good shot and try to run my own business. I would just be unsatisfied.

“I’m at my happiest when I’m experiencing new things, meeting new people, seeing new places.

“There’s so much to see out in the world and so many opportunities and potential. You never know what you are going to encounter.”

Ms Wright, who is originally from the UK, has spent the past two years in Bermuda working at Alchemy Fitness.

A business coach helped her get to where she is today, she said.

“Anyone with a dream I’d really recommend them getting a mentor. There are also some really good motivational books and blogs out there. A lot of those sites were talking about mentors — that’s why I got one.

“One thing I heard that really stuck in my head was this: if you’re in a room and looking around and you’re the smartest or most ambitious person there, then you need to move to the next room. The point is to constantly be challenging yourself if you really want to be successful in your own right.

“We all have a different idea of what success is and that’s totally cool, but for me I’m pretty ambitious and believe that I can pretty much do whatever I put my mind to. Obviously there will be failures and hiccups along the way, but they are part of the fun and make the success a lot more satisfying.”

Ms Wright left the Island last week. Her travels will take her to Los Angeles, London, Mexico, Thailand and Singapore over the next few months.

She’ll spend that time helping clients with a combination of nutrition coaching and online fitness training.

“All the programmes will be customised and individualised,” she said. “It’s not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach.

“Whether their challenge is nutrition, and they want a better understanding of what to eat, or if they aren’t sure which exercises to do, I’ll be able to coach them on what’s best for them.

“They can check in with me once or twice a month by Skype. The great thing is I’ll be international now and will have clients all over the world. Then whenever I’m in town I hope to catch up with people and meet up with clients face to face.”

She intends to also offer fitness retreats a few times a year. The first retreat takes place in Mexico next month; a second is planned for Costa Rica in March.

“The first retreat has completely sold out,” Ms Wright said. “There will be ten of us in total, and it’s just a really amazing bunch of women from the US, Australia and the Middle East taking part. I’ve planned it to be a really exciting adventure — a mix of fitness and adventure activities. We’ll be doing yoga and meditation workshops and spend time getting massages and getting in some R & R.

“We have a private villa to ourselves and our own private chef as well.”

The idea came from clients’ requests for advice on fitness and adventure holidays.

“I think people were just getting bored of going on a beach holiday or the typical cruise,” she said. “They wanted a little more from their vacations, so I just got to a point where I said I should do this myself. It really is that perfect opportunity to blend those passions for travel and fitness.”

Ms Wright has won international bikini fitness championships and served as personal trainer to a Saudi Arabian princess.

Despite her many successes, she said it only recently clicked that she could create the life of her dreams.

“I just turned 30 this April and that’s quite a milestone so it got me thinking how the decisions I start making now are really going to impact my life in the future. I realised if I want my own business now’s the time to do it.

“Before that I never really had the confidence to try, but having had such an amazing experience in Bermuda over the past two years has been so empowering, so I just felt ready.”

•Visit web address: www.inspire-fitness-coaching.com.

Becky Wright has launched an online fitness coaching business. The new role will allow the 30-year-old the chance to work remotely from anywhere in the world.(Photograph supplied)