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Waiting for the wharf report

August 31, 2011Dear Sir,The Royal Gazette on July 15 reported on the damage at the new Heritage Wharf thruster wall.Works Minister Burgess in the article reported that a survey had been completed by overseas consultants and “The Ministry of Public Works intendsto correctly identify the cause of the failure of the thruster wall once the report from the independent engineering specialists is complete and will keep the public abreast of these findings accordingly”.Its now seven weeks since that article was published.Where is the report?What was the cause of the failure?What is being done to remedy the situation?We have a major storm heading our way which is much stronger than the one which caused the damage. Is the Wharf itself in any danger from the compromised thruster wall?Traditionally Government self-insures. Is there any other insurance in place covering Heritage Wharf?It’s time for some answers.ALBERT SODERGRENSmith’s