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Hard to reconcile

September 20, 2011Dear Sir,I heard with interest the speech made yesterday by Anthony Richardson regarding the announcement that he is to be the PLP candidate for the Devonshire South Central by-election to be held on November 1. Did I hear correctly that Mr. Richardson said the PLP is committed to serving all of Bermuda residents etc. He said many of Bermuda’s Portuguese residents (including many in the Devonshire South Central constituency) were finally able to call Bermuda home through the Long Term Residents policy which they addressed during the first term of the PLP Government.Well, isn’t this the same PLP Government which is chasing Portuguese workers away from Bermuda due to the fact that they feel Bermudians can be landscapers on the Island? Dream on PLP members, just yesterday a landscaper mentioned on a talk show that three of the Bermudians he had been made to employ in his highly successful landscaping company did not show up for work yesterday.CONCERNED RESIDENTSmith’s