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Let the people decide

September 15, 2011Dear Sir,Today I thought we were truly in another world, the one belonging to Alice. I ended up cancelling business in St George's because I didn't know if I got there if I would be able to get back. The Government must really stop this nonsense with the Causeway. Bermudians have travelled over the Causeway for well over 100 years and until the unfortunate incident during Fabian, a major hurricane, we had never had a hurricane related death on the causeway. We will never know why those that died attempted to traverse the causeway during the height of the storm but I believe that by their loss, those who hadn't considered the consequences have now learned respect for the raw unforgiving power of nature.Nobody in their right mind would now attempt a crossing in conditions similar to Fabians and we haven't seen anything like that storm since 2003 but the Causeway has been shut numerous times at little notice for gentle blows and a little spray and then left open for wild winter storms. There is no consistency in the decision making and Government's “we'll review and let you know” approach is practically worthless to those who need to cross the causeway for their daily business or school runs.If Government feel they must do something, then stick up a yellow warning sign at each end of the causeway when a storm is imminent and may be potentially dangerous and a red warning sign when it is almost certain that severe conditions will occur, but then let us make up our own minds. Few of us have much faith in the Government's ability to make the right decision on anything these days so let us responsible adults assess the situation and undertake our own risk analysis as we do for every other aspect of our lives. We are not stupid and most of us do not have a death wish but the Government needs to stop generating uncertainty.BRIDGE TOO FARPembroke