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At least listen to another party

October 20, 2011 Dear Sir, So Bermuda, we have a PLP that will spend millions on a dock/pier, that is crumbling apart already, and millions on a cricket team that really hasn’t represented Bermuda that well at all. We have accounts that cannot be accounted for, and a statue sculpted by a foreigner. Soon we’ll have a medicine man from India contracted to sculpt a structure of E.Brown. By the way, all the questions about the generic drugs from India were really queries because of who was related to the whole concept, not the concept itself. Isn’t it ironic that the Government of the day cannot get this education thing right after all the different Ministers that have attempted this job? Retail and tourism basically are belly up, and immigration have allowed and processed more expats to work in Bermuda, than ever before, in jobs that even uneducated Bermudians (which is what we are going to have more of) can do. That’s your labour party hard at work. PLP followers; are you getting all this? It’s not the guest workers that should be frowned upon; your PLP Immigration Department is totally responsible for allowing them to enter. Maybe we should be checking the employers, you guys. Are they really training a Bermudian for the job? I could go on and on with a very long list of PLP malfunctions and/or failed intentions. With all that said, we have a PLP that shut down Mirrors, Sunshine League, and cut cost with the Police and the education department. That is a clear record of their priorities, enna? Hey, are you followers of the PLP still following me? No; it is not the UBP’s fault, or white people’s fault or even the OBA’s fault. All of these embarrassing facts and empty plans and efforts are performed and are entirely the fault of your PLP. Period. For God’s sake, wake up and do something for your island and people, make the PLP accountable or at least listen to another party.