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Attitude change required

October 25, 2011 Dear Sir, I read with interest, and also great pleasure, all the different suggestions for improving Bermuda from Sir John Swan. They are all wonderful ideas but nothing is going to do any good unless our attitude changes. 'You never get a second chance to make a first impression.' If the immigration and the customs at the airport continues with the attitude and the searching of innocent people nothing will change. To take aside an exempted company employee, even a chairman, and proceed to ask him if his much used computer has been stamped by Customs in Bermuda is absolutely embarrassing. It is drugs they are after, so why not just get some more dogs and catch the drug users and suppliers? The way it is now, they are doing their best to alienate people. You hear about rude bus drivers and taxi drivers. There is no excuse. If we want to be a welcoming country and attract tourists and foreign business the attitude has to be changed. All the wonderful programmes in the world will be of no consequence if Bermudians do not understand the tourists and the foreign companies are the key to our way of life and prosperity. L.L. Pembroke