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What had Govt done

November 23, 2011Dear Sir,Please allow me to share my thoughts on the People’s Government.These are some of them:1) Reduce spending on the police service and public education2) Have helped create an environment where International Business feels less welcome3) Have seen gang violence flourish during their tenure4) Closed the indigent clinic5) Cut funding to Mirrors, The Sunshine League and the Salvation Army6) Did not feel the necessity to enter into a contract with cruise lines, allowing them to leave at their whim7) Have made many of us think there could be corruption in the halls of power8) Competed in the real estate market so that now many Bermudians homes are worth a lot less9) Cut out overtime pay to many Government Employees10) Doubled the cost of riding public transportation11) Increased taxes in the form of duty, dissuading us from travelling12) Gave themselves huge pay increases13) Increased the National Debt to approximately 1.5 billion14) Created a health care system where some pay more than others for the same coverage15) Many hotel closuresAnd the list goes on ...BUILDING A HOTEL AT SPITTAL PONDSmith’s