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Pay attention

February 26, 2012Dear Sir,Bermudians of all ages must pay close attention to 2012 Budget. Do not allow the typical PLP smokescreens fool you. Check up on the things they are doing.The under-35 bracket needs to pay special attention. Don’t you all realise that this almost $1.25 billion dollar is going to fall upon our generation? We are inheriting debt. That is the legacy the PLP currently is going to leave us with, unlike those who led the island when Bermuda was in a far better state.House repossessions are leaving consumers saddled with debts they cannot repay. Many people have lost jobs and still more job cuts are to come. The PLP recently were quick to show tourism ratings are up, but that is from cruise ship passengers who do not spend much money on the Island itself, and I have worked retail and seen this firsthand.It’s the hotel tourists that spend the money that we badly need injected into our fragile economy. When the OBA made comment on this, you have Marc Bean saying the typical PLP line that they are, “doom and gloom merchants who only criticise”. I wonder where Mr Bean has lived the past few years because there have been quite a few things both Opposition parties have pointed out and warned the PLP avoid or change and were ignored by the PLP, only to have the Opposition proven correct.Three main ones where:Bob Richards, long before the recession hit, warning the PLP to prepare now only to be called a scaremonger and playing politics. Was he right? Yes.Louise Jackson’s warnings about FutureCare and she was correct also.The land law placed on Bermudians with non-Bermudians spouses is now being changed costing more money.Government revenue was $62 million less than forecast and expenses were $67 million more. The current account deficit which was forecast to be $67.5 million turned out to be a deficit of $128.7 million. Now Premier Cox wants to dip into we taxpayers pension fund which is already frighteningly low!Wake up, Bermuda!ROBERT DAVIES JRDevonshire