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Let's protect Johnny Barnes

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Storm trooper: Johnny Barnes hangs on to give morning commuters his familiar "I love you" greeting on a wet and windy day.

March 5, 2012Dear Sir,One of the most unique and heart warming experiences of Bermuda is a drive past Johnny Barnes. Initially when I came to this island I thought this was a summer occupation to greet tourists, but I was proved very wrong. This wonderful man braves sun, wind and rain to make everyone's day a little bit better. Year in and year out, he has spread warmth and love, every day, and asks nothing in return. This is what makes him unique. But maybe we should look after him a little bit better. This morning as I waived at him from my warm, dry car, I felt very bad that this man who has given so much for so long had no shelter from the wind and rain. Would it be possible for Government to build a perspex shelter with a chair for our beloved Mr Barnes, so we may continue to have our mornings brightened by his warmth, without him risking pneumonia? I like to believe that Bermuda is a caring society, that respects their seniors, so let's start with the man who embodies the spirit of selflessness and love.VICKY MALIKSouthampton