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Why didn’t the PLP act on Heritage Wharf earlier?

April 7, 2013 Dear Sir, I received the following text below from a person who owns a business in Dockyard and because they want to remain anonymous, they have asked me if I would submit it on their behalf which shows there is still fear of repercussions for voicing your opinion even though we have a new Government in place.. The text below is entirely theirs and is as follows: It is quite inconceivable that Shadow Works Minister Derrick Burgess continues to hound the OBA regarding the few work permits which were issued that are required immediately to facilitate the completion of the Heritage Wharf repairs and renovations. This is the second time he is voicing his opinion in the media. The PLP Government were well aware of the problems which existed during 2012 and the necessary renovations needed to make the pier sound enough to berth the larger ship

Norwegian Breakaway so why didn’t the PLP act on this when they could have. The critical energy he is expounding would have been better used had he overseen the renovations needed at the end of the cruise season last year, however the renovations were not made public as understood for the major repairs and now he is criticising the OBA for something which was apparent during his watch. The OBA has been left with no option but to carry out repairs. This delay has created loss of work to many Bermudians who work at Heritage Wharf during the cruise season. If some ships cancel as I understand one or two already have done so this is a major loss to the Island for everyone in the tourism business, a loss which had the PLP been more in tune with their responsibilities and arranged the work as necessary this would not have occurred. Not only are Bermudians at a loss for work because of this closure other service industry staff are affected such as Customs, Security, cleaners, ticket booth and retail staff these people have all been affected. It has also been mentioned the pier will not be ready for the arrival of

Norwegian Dawn, again a loss for those who work at this location since it might have to be at anchor for a couple of visits. The

Norwegian Breakaway is not due to arrive in Bermuda until May 14 this is a good deal later in the season than some other cruises who had planned to visit Bermuda and berth at Heritage Wharf from mid-April. The following ships were scheduled to berth at Heritage Wharf: April 10 -

Riviera, April 12 -

Carnival Legend, April 15 -

Poesia, April 29 -

Emerald Princess, May 5 -

Norwegian Dawn, May 12 -

Norwegian Dawn. This amounts to several thousand passengers who will not be able to access the pier at Heritage Wharf and if they do not anchor and bypass the Island it is a major loss to taxi, other transportation (buses), shore excursions, retail shops, and other tourist attractions. If only ready by May 14 for the arrival of the

Norwegian Breakaway a whole month of business from tourists has been lost as well as other services required by those ships this includes security, customs, supplies and the list goes on…..


Repair work: A construction crew works on the Heritage Wharf project