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Do PLP supporters want new Govt to fail?

April 8, 2013Dear Sir,It is simply amazing to me what continues to emerge as a desire for the OBA to fail in its quest to bring about a turnaround in worst mismanagement of our economy in our history. It is not a good thing that we should be so obsessed with politics in this country. While it is understandable the disappointment of PLP supporters, one has to still say they must come to terms with defeat!The new administration has no magic wands or bullets, but clearly they offer hope and promise. They need all five years the electorate has given them to turn things around. It is not to be expected that they receive no criticisms but it must not be forgotten it is their charge to create a path to better governance than the past 14 years and get our people back to work.The last finance minister failed us miserably and paid the ultimate price and that is as it should be. We are under no illusions. Mr Richards has to drink from a bitter chalice and find ways to sweeten it! If he fails, the electorate will deal swiftly and mercilessly with him also! That is as it should be, but to want him to fail? That, sir, is incredulous to all of us or at least it should be.Partisan politics is a fact and way of life but a new administration needs a reasonable period to completely settle in and get up to speed with all that is required for competence at the helm. The tone of those whose government has been defeated is to disdain and repudiate the winners for nerve of victory at the polls!The OBA enjoys the support of the majority of the electorate, never mind those who did not vote, who by the way assisted the victors by not voting against them. It is so old to have to refer to 1998 with full and over employment, national debt a little over ten percent of what it is now. A surplus in the tens of millions when the PLP came to power, we really do need to move on.The OBA needed nine seats to win, and they did just that, the electorate are never wrong! The PLP government started well and ended in failure, as bitter as it is to accept that. Why so early in the new government’s tenure is there a seeming desire for them not to achieve an improved economy, a reduction in our crippling debt and jobs for Bermudians irrespective of who they voted for!If they succeed we all do, if they do not we can return to the failed policies so many appear to love. The OBA must fulfill their promise to do a better job, our collective futures depend upon it.Wayne B Scott