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A shame on Bermuda

April 8, 2014

Dear Sir,

Shame, shame shame! Everyone in Bermuda should be holding their heads down in shame. What was our Minister thinking when he denied the Canadian film crew work permits. It’s one thing to have botched the whole murder of Rebecca Middleton up, but this is putting the “icing on the cake”

It makes us look like we have something to hide. I voted for the OBA with their promise of transparency with regard to all issues. This is just embarrassing. That film will be documented with or without the help of Bermuda. I can only imagine the captions relating to this at the beginning or the end of the film about Bermuda as a whole.

The Senator has just put Bermuda back 20 years. If we were worried about the water pollution affecting our tourism numbers we should certainly be more worried now.

At least John Barritt and Al Seymour have a brain.