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Some issues that just won’t go away

July 14, 2014

Dear Sir,

Just a list of things most people haven’t noticed so far:

1. The education system is in a shambles and instead of Bermuda going by the British system (considering we are supposed to be British), we’re going by the American system (and looking more/more pathetic with this Middle School garbage per year). Bad enough Devonshire Academy got destroyed and got changed to Cedarbridge, just to be run by a principal who hates seeing students wear cardigans to school(weirdest thing I’ve ever heard of but anyway). Mostly all the schools seem to love navy blue a lot (like yellow, white, red, purple and black aren’t colors).

West Pembroke students, wearing grey sweaters w/blue stripes when the school tie, plus the gym uniform, doesn’t have any grey in it( there’s been weirdness at other schools as well.....Northlands students wear Burgundy shirts/burgundy socks yet wear navy blue sweaters, instead of plain burgundy ones since Bermuda Institute’s, have yellow/green stripes for example).

2. Crime hasn’t diminished. Neither government has been able to do much to dissolve this.

3. Jobs. When Paula Cox was the Premier, this was an issue and today’s government is nowhere better.

4. Corruption. This has been going on for years (with seemingly no end to it), so who can you really trust?

Some people are literally political, so you might never reason with them, but others have noticed something greater and, it’s just a matter of time before that ‘greater’ reveals itself.