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St George’s wharf would get my vote!

January 4, 2015

Dear Sir,

Marginal Wharf is being considered the dock to unload contents for our new airport, however I don’t believe it is the ideal wharf. I believe the best place for unloading such materials would be the wharf in St George’s.

When the Marginal Wharf was built in St David’s by the Corp of engineers of the US Army in the early 1940’s when the US Base was built, they discovered a shelf of rock of some 15 to 20 feet in depth at Marginal Wharf that could not be moved with high explosives as this rock there was so hard.

All cargo ships bringing building materials for the base in St David’s were unloaded in the St George’s Harbour onto barges and brought over to Marginal Wharf and unloaded by short cranes.

In my opinion the RoRo method of unloading ships would be the answer to cargos for our new airport such as used by the Oleander cargo ship. The RoRo method means “Roll On- Roll Off”, it’s easy, it’s simple and it saves time and money.

Pay attention Government, I’m an old “Dock Rat”, as we were called in my days of working on our docks, I know what I’m talking about.