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Charlie Hebdo: inflammatory but brave

People light candles as flowers, pens and placards reading" Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) are placed to show solidarity with those killed in an attack at the Paris offices of weekly newspaper Charlie Hebdo, in Bayonne, southwestern France, on Thursday. Masked gunmen stormed Charlie Hebdo's offices on Wednesday, killing 12 people (AP Photo/Bob Edme)

Dear Sir,

Permit me to say goodbye to an old friend, Charlie Hebdo.

I bought my first copy many years ago. Scurrilous, rude, inflammatory, irreverent, provocative — yes, all of those things.

And also brave, taking on whatever Establishment bullies, blowhards and bigots required taking down a peg or three.

Politicians were among their favourite targets, along with activists and clerics from all religions when they spouted intolerant nonsense.

Perhaps the surviving members of the editorial team will find the remains of the last cartoons among the blood, coffee, cigarette ash and spent bullet casings. I hope they do and post them on the internet.

A Belgian cartoonist has already posted a cartoon of a terrorist with bloody sword facing the magazine’s decapitated editor. The tongue is defiantly sticking out.

Charlie would have approved.

— QUI BONO, City of Hamilton